What Are The Best Hot Air Brushes in 2016?

Looking for a hot air brush? You’re in luck for landing on this website. I was in your situation before. My friends recommended so many of them to me when my hair was breaking, and I caved in to their recommendations most of the time, but I couldn’t find anything perfect.

So, I decided to do everything on my own, try to resolve the issue on my own and get the best one that’s perfect for me. As you would expect, I found many, but I was able to separate the worthless ones from the useful, top-notch ones and make my pick after narrowing down my choices.

How I Picked and Tested

How did I do it? I went over to the biggest online store in the world. Sorry, you may have misinterpreted that. I didn’t physically walk or drive over there. I visited the online store at amazon.com and began my search.

During my research, I prioritized customer reviews and ratings over everything else. I picked the brushes with the best ratings and saved them all in a separate text document. I didn’t just look at ratings, though, I also read at least 20 customer reviews for each brush I selected to make sure they were actually good.

I ended up with 20 products in my tiny text doc. So, I began the filtering process again.

When I was satisfied with the final 10 brushes in my list (the best rated ones), I bought all of them.

Yes, I bought them all. Someone as frustrated as I was would do that without thinking twice. I then began using them one-by-one until I identified the best of the best, this time based on performance, not on ratings.

So, would you like me to show you my top picks? I guess the answer is yes. I believe I did a pretty good job at finding these amazing brushes out of the numerous choices available on the market.

My Top 3 Picks (Totally Worth Every Dollar)

#1 Recommended Brush

The first brush I’m going to recommend is the BESTOPE Hair Straightener Electric Heating Ceramic Comb Digital Anion Hair Care, Anti-Scald Effective Detangling Silky Hair Brush.

Yeah, exhausting name to read, but that’s what it is called on Amazon, and it’s from the stables of Taythi.

It’s the best selling one on amazon.com today, and it just keeps selling because it is an amazing brush. It solves problems in your hair such as breaking, knotting, etc. and makes sure you feel as little pain as possible during the process (I didn’t feel any).

Styling your hair at home is easy with its 3-in-1 function that includes a ceramic hair straightener, detangling brush, and anion hair massager.

You can control the temperature too while using it. If your hair type requires a lower temperature, all you have to do is change it and get the desired results.

This is a digital brush with a led screen that displays the temperature and buttons for controlling the temperature. The buttons don’t just control the temperature, they also convert Celsius to Fahrenheit when you press them simultaneously.

It’s recommended that you dry your hair before using it to achieve the best results.

It automatically turns off when it’s not in use and works on thick hair too. It works faster than it’s flat iron counterparts and softens your hair more than they do.

Before I forget, it also has a lock function. This always comes in handy because while using it because you could accidentally press the buttons and change the temperature unknowingly.

When you lock it by pressing all three buttons together, the temperature won’t change if you accidentally press the minus or plus button until you unlock it by repeating the same action.

All in all, this is a wonderful hot brush. If you want beautiful hair, this is my top recommendation.

Click here to read more reviews or buy at the best price.

#2 Recommended Brush

Next up is the Beautonics Advanced Hair Straightening Brush.

Who likes spending $100 at a hair salon, or should I say wasting? Not many of you I guess, especially when there’s a way to avoid that expense.

Taking a step to avoid that extra expense begins with buying a something like this.

Forget about your annoying curls and coils you’re constantly trying to get rid of and forget about that blow dryer you’re sick of too.

If you want straight natural hair, this brush can help you achieve that.

It detangles hair and gets rid of knots without damaging your hair. There’s anti-scald protection, automatic shut-down, and button controls too.

It’s also a ceramic brush like my top pick above and works on wet hair, but it’s recommended to dry your hair before using it. Cleaning is easy – just remove the trapped hair in the bristles. A soft damp cloth will do whatever cleaning work is left.

As generally recommended, use a heat protectant before using stuff like this on your hair.

This one also lets you choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings and prevents accidental switching on by requiring you to hold the power button before it turns on for 3 seconds.

If you want nice-looking hair, I can’t recommend this enough. Whether you have short or long hair, it always does a good job.

Click here to read more reviews or buy at the best price.

#3 Recommended Brush

My final pick is the Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Styler Dryer hot air brush.

Another amazing brush that comes with attachments to make your life easier.

It has 2 speed or heat settings along with a cool-shot button to blow cool air into your hair, but you have to hold it down to keep it coming. It’s perfect for frizzy hair and the brushes lock in securely while in use.

It also works excellently on thick hair. You know how long it takes to dry up thick hair, don’t you? But when you try this, drying your hair is going to become a fun and quick activity.

You can manage and comb your hair with greatly minimized breaking, or even none at all with a lightweight tool like this. It’s such a relief to never have to use a cumbersome hair dryer ever again.

At 1875 watts, this is a very powerful hair straightener and dryer. You’ll notice it when you feel the forceful air in between the strands of your hair.

It also has a swivel cord that doesn’t cause any hassle during use, a hinged filter that is easy to clean, ionic technology, and bristle brush and wide-tooth dangling comb attachments.

The gentle heat it produces protects your hair, so you’ll never have to visit the salon again.

As the manufacturers describe it, “Salon results without the salon”, it truly does live up to its promise.

Reduce frizz, manage your hair easily, straighten it fast and efficiently, dry it up same way too, whether your hair is as thick as wood or soft as…

Click here to read more reviews or buy at the best price.


So, that’s it – my top 3 picks.

If you buy any of the hot air brushes above, you’ll never need another.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

By the way, if you do decide to purchase any of my top picks, I’ll get a small cut of the sale. It doesn’t affect the amount you’ll pay in any way.

Consider it as a way of supporting what I do here. Thank you!

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  • I’ll try the Infiniti Pro. I’ve heard so many good things about it. My girlfriend also got one last week so I have the advantage of trying it out before buying.

    • Thanks for your comment. Let me know how well it worked for you after purchasing it 🙂

  • Great article. I’ll definitely get one of these.

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